advanced testing

Along with our partner, Vibrant America, we deliver leading scientific testing that is transforming lives. Top customized testing includes Micronutrient Profile, Food Sensitivities, Wheat Zoomer, and Gut Zoomer.

Additional testing is available as needed. We have a passion for high-quality, accurate, and CLIS and CAP Certified testing.

micronutrient profile

One-of-a-kind nutritional measurement of both intracellular and extracellular levels of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids, and more.

Knowing both your intracellular and extracellular micronutrient levels are key to a thorough understanding of your foundational health, which may alleviate your risk of disease, while simultaneously and positively impacting your overall wellness.

food sensitivities

In-depth testing measures your reactivity to foods and provides a guide to the foods that works best for your body and the foods that don’t. Removing food sensitivities makes a huge impact on how you feel, look and live! Food sensitivity is your body’s response to certain foods that can occur hours and even days after a certain food is consumed. Some of the major symptoms of food sensitivities are headaches, fatigue, inflammation, digestion discomfort, brain fog, acne and joint pain.

wheat zoomer

The wheat zoomer is the most accurate, sensitive, and comprehensive test that identifies gluten sensitivity, wheat sensitivity, and intestinal permeability. It is also the earliest and most sensitive detection of celiac! Uncover if systemic symptoms that may include depression, anxiety, headaches, muscle pain, fatigue, brain fog, micronutrient deficiencies, digestive complaints, or autoimmune disorders are caused by a reaction to gluten and/or wheat.

gut zoomer

“All Disease Begins In the Gut.” – Hippocrates

An easy, quick, and at-home test unveils your gut microbiome, which is over 1000 species of bacteria in your large intestine. The health of your gut plays a major role in your mood regulation, immune system health, metabolism and weight control, micronutrient absorption and much more.   Gut microbiome imbalances may lead to gastrointestinal symptoms, skin conditions, autoimmune disorders, immune system imbalances, and multiple inflammatory responses.